Our Mission at Stella Maris is:

  • Promoting, equitably and economically, the health of the sick and infirm, is a big part of what we are about.
  • Respecting the human dignity of all persons in the experience of sickness and death,
  • Facilitating those structures which foster the physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being of the resident, regardless of race, creed or economic condition, and,
  • Promoting a fair and equitable system that fosters growth and development of employees.

At Stella Maris Nursing Home we strive to provide 24 hour nursing care, maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for all our residents. We ensure that the privacy and dignity of all our residents is respected. We value the importance of individuality and nurture our residents abilities to maintain their independence.

Stella Maris Nursing Home is committed to the provision of high standards of care, support and respect for residents in our care. We are fully registered with HIQA and strive to meet their requirements set out in the National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland’ and the Health Act 2007′.


The philosophy at Stella Maris Nursing Home is to provide quality care for every resident because it recognizes an equal and immeasurable dignity in every human?person.

We believe that quality care for the whole person implies the unity of the human person – body, mind and spirit. Healing means integrating care so?as to meet the physiological and spiritual needs of the resident.


To provide a residential setting where residents are cared for, supported and valued within a caring environment that promotes the health and well being of each resident.

To promote through good organisation and management practices, a high standard of care, and quality of life for our residents in a living environment that is comfortable, clean and safe.